Asian Lingerie

Asian Lingerie

Searching for some seductive Asian lingerie at to take your soon-to-be husband’s breath away? Or are you looking for something exotic, something special like a sexy lingerie set that comes in Asian style to surprise your husband? Well, good idea, girl! Sexy lingerie is a method to enjoy intimate moments with your husband. For new couples, it spices things up. And for old couples, sexy lingerie helps regain the passion in bed! 

So, in today’s article, we will teach you how to select the best Asian lingerie for you and for your husband. 

Take your figure into consideration 

Your body shape is the first thing you should consider. So, you should choose flattering clothes that fit well. Also, you should not buy your underwear too soon if you have a fitness or health plan. 

In fact, there are many styles to choose from, including low-rise silk and high-waisted vintage-inspired knickers. If it’s Asian lingerie for a wedding night, there’s always the list of standard sizes of the bridal garters. However, most shops take orders of customized size and style. In other words, you can get any size you desire at no additional cost.

Pay attention to the sexy aspects of the Asian lingerie sets

This Asian-style lingerie is fun with extra detail. And, some French lace knickers are adorned with a silk bow at their back.

People usually think Asian lingerie is always cute and kawaii. Yeah, that is true, however, not entirely. In fact, Asian lingerie comes in all styles and designs. You can be sexy or cute, or even both. 

50 Shades of grey?

The series of 50 Shades movies were popular. And it brought bondage-style Asian lingerie to the public, to some extent. Well, people start to notice and dare to talk about it. In fact, there is a lot of interest in bondage-style lingerie and brands are now offering bridal versions. And two suspender-inspired garters have experienced a rapid rise in sales.

Well, maybe you can try this bondage lingerie with your newly-married husband on the wedding night. It will be hot for sure. You can even watch that movie together before you make love.

Asian lingerie can be feminine and seductive

Do you want a feminine look? You can go soft with a silk chiffon baby doll or negligee, silk robe, pretty knickers, and stockings, or a silk robe.  

Most commonly, Asian style lingerie is famous for its features of being feminine and seductive. Wearing such sexy lingerie set for bed is definitely a turn-on to your husband. 

Then, what’s the budget?

Unfortunately, the budget is more likely to be the decision-maker. Obviously, you can’t get any Asian lingerie that outruns your budget. Lucky for you though, many online sellers provide coupons regularly. Also, they are on sale for most special holidays, especially for Valentine’s Day and Christmas holidays. 

Besides, if you’re not buying those lingerie sets just for the brand and the name like Victoria’s secret, budget is not an issue. Cause most high-quality sexy lingerie is affordable for most women. 

Quality is always the first thing you should consider about

This is a very special occasion, so it is important to invest in high-quality Asian lingerie. Quality ensures your comfort. As everybody realizes that underwear like sexy lingerie is the most private item you wear. It touches your skin every minute during the day and night. Thus, choosing high-quality products is the most significant thing. 

Take your husband’s preference into account

One more thing, you can think about is your future husband’s taste and preferences. It’s better to include his likes and preferences when buying sexy Asian lingerie to surprise him. In other words, you should choose something you both will love.

For instance, if he hates bondage, then bondage lingerie is not a good option. If he’s a cosplay fan, maybe Asian lingerie in cosplay style is the perfect booster for your sex life. 

Shopping for Asian lingerie: Options available online

Below are some of the most common and popular types of Asian lingerie available online. 


Camisoles are loose-fitting, unlined undergarments for women’s upper bodies. They are usually held up by shoulder straps, and often have decorative trimming.

Camisoles are also known as “camis”, and can be worn under your clothing or on their own for extra coverage.

Some manufacturers specialize in sexy, yet comfortable camisole styles. These typically have delicate lace trim around your bust and/or bottom hem. This Asian lingerie item is a delicate piece that every woman should have in a few neutral colors.

Camisoles are versatile and beautiful. And you can get a variety of styles and colors.

Corsets come in Asian lingerie style

This tight-fitting garment will slim your waist and highlight your beautiful curves.

A corset, which typically extends from your chest to your hips only, will create a stunning silhouette.

In fact, a corset is also known as a “girdle”, especially when worn under your clothing to shape your figure.

There are many corsets to spice up your bedroom or add intrigue to ordinary clothes.

Asian lingerie comes in teddies

All terms are used to describe one type of lingerie: bodysuit or teddy.

A teddy, which is an all-in-one piece, fits like a swimsuit or bodysuit but is usually sheerer than such garments. A teddy is basically a playtime-approved, bodysuit.

There are many options for teddies, depending on your level of adventure in the bedroom.

Although teddies may not always make it out of the bedroom, you can dress up more conservative Teddies with a skirt or jeans for a night on the town.

You can try Asian-style chemises

A chemise, inspired by 1920s shapes, is a dress that hangs straight at the shoulders. It gives your body a uniform shape.

A chemise is your new favorite piece of loose-fitting clothing. This spacious garment will make bedtime so much more enjoyable. Silk chemises are beautiful nightgowns that show off your feminine side.

Some chemises look almost like mini-dresses that you can wear out. You can also make it naughtiness with a cupless chemise if that’s your style.


If you are trying to spice things in bed up for you and your husband, Asian lingerie is perfect for you. Go get one piece and enjoy your intimate moments!