Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Shipping From Dubai To Spain It is situated in the middle in the nation. It is home to around 3.3 million people The city is home of beautiful streets, spacious plazas, and some of the most prestigious art galleries in the world. Madrilenos also have access to the Retiro which is a beautiful green park that is located in the middle in the center of town. Expats are in love with the Madrid life style, and we can see why. Here’s what you should be aware of about shipping your possessions there.

Different shipping options for shipping

It’s simple to move your possessions from Madrid. Once you’ve determined what you’re carrying, you’ll have to choose between two options: air freight or sea freight.

If you’re urgently, air freight is the most efficient. Most cargo planes can travel to Madrid from anywhere in the world in about two to three days. But air freight is also very expensive and should be to avoid it if you’re living with a tight budget.

On the other hand, sea freight is significantly cheaper typically costing approximately five times lessthan the air transport. Although it is slower, it’s much more affordable, so it’s essential to organize your move in advance.

If you do opt for sea freight, one of our suppliers will be able to ship your belongings using either an 20ftor an 40 feet container. In case of smaller amounts of cargo, there’s a procedure known as “Less Than Container” (LCL) that is in which several people can use a single container. A majority of our vendors offer an open-door option, meaning they’ll manage every step of the process, from your old residence all the way to your new residence.

For more information on container shipping rates for international shipping, check out our detailed guide here.

Major shipping routes

There are three main ships’ ports within Spain: Barcelona (in the northeast), Valencia(on the east coast) and Algeciras (on the south coast). You may not have heard of it, but Algeciras is in fact Spain’s largest and most important port. It acts as a corridor connecting Europe, Africa and America, so it’s very special.

Because Madrid is in the centre of Spain, it’s also some transportation by land needed. Once your shipment is cleared through customs, it’ll be transported by train or truck on to the new Spanish residence.Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Shipping From Dubai To Spain

The customs process can sound complicated however, it’s actually quite simple and your shipping service will help you through it. You are required to create an organized and precise listing(i.e. a list) of all the things you’re bringing into Spain in addition to stating the value of every item. If Spanish customs officers are not happy with the contents of your container, they’ll conduct a physical inspection ofyour container and then charge additional fees for the process.Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Individuals who reside outside the EU do not have to pay duties or taxes on household items, but the rules differ for non-EU arrivals. If you’re coming from outside of the EU, you are entitled to a duty-free shipment of household products, however, you must satisfy certain conditions. The goods must be a) used, and b) at minimum six months old and at least six months old,) made for at least an entire yearsof use in Spain, and d) the goods must be imported not more than one month after your arrival.Shipping From Dubai To Spain

Here is an outline of the items that are banned or restricted by Spanish customs. It is also possible to visit their official website to find out more.

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