Toner Ankauf – We transform your toners as well as inks back into cash!

Toner Ankauf – Do you have any remaining ink and toner, e.g. from your printer’s change? Have you found the right spot with our expert for toner purchases and cash for toners! Since your toners may still be worth money!
We purchase from small pieces to entire trucks!
With over 25 years of expertise in inks and toners, we can evaluate the value of your products quickly and with confidence.

What is the process?

Toner Ankauf

1. STEP 1.

Complete the purchase form completely complete, and then enter your details in the box provided, or include the Excel document to PDF. Make sure to note our contact information in the description of the condition.


We at the Bares fur Toner team will provide you with a non-binding quote via email.

Toner Ankauf
Toner Ankauf


Place the items in boxes that are outside and inform us the quantity of packages (please keep track of the information on the packing!). Attach an invoice to the product or forward it to us separately via email.

Toner Ankauf


Wir holen die Ware für Sie kostenfrei bei Ihnen ab

Toner Ankauf
Toner Ankauf


Nach Prüfung der Ware erhalten Sie das Geld auf Ihr Konto.

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